ScoredList is a highly flexible, yet powerful platform delivered as a service. Configured according to clients specifications ScoredList is an affordable, rapidly deployed, cloud-computing alternative to the massive undertaking of an internally maintained system . Its Modular Design allows users to build upon functions, or only use those functions, required for their unique needs. The front-end is built completely independent of the Database Management System (DBMS). So it can interface with any database environment. ScoredList is designed to optimize de-centralized marketing or affiliate programs and sales channels, within centralized managerial control.

The system consists of a query, campaign management, lead management, matching logic and reporting applications connected to a unique database design model. ScoredList is a user-friendly, interactive query, count and order delivery tool that converts your customer and prospect data into productive leads. Data from third party providers such as demographic, lifestyle, credit and psychographic can be quickly and easily integrated for your direct marketing needs.

ScoredList’s interactive environment enables even non-technical users to refine query results immediately, with a few mouse clicks. Exclude specific zip codes, feather results evenly or prioritize closest to a geographical area. Multiple channels within your organization can change the final targeted audience to fit their specific needs. Traditional list management systems require queries to be re-run or technical personnel to conduct time-consuming, post-processing to fine-tune your results. ScoredList makes managing “what-if” scenarios s a snap … or a mouse click!

ScoredList Benefits

  • Generate reports on-the-fly
  • Polish results within our interactive environment
  • Produce more deliverable, accurate, & Flexible lead results
  • Customize results based on market needs
  • Allow multiple users with varying privilege levels
  • Automate invoicing and e-commerce functions
  • White Label your data
  • Cost effective…



ScoredList Functions

  • Fast Count and Delivery Engine on limitless number of selects with multiple concurrent users
  • Admin Center enabling Private Labeling and full configuration of system by Non-Tech Personnel
  • User-Friend Results Display with GUI interface in which users can post-process list
  • Automated Invoice and Ecommerce
  • Variable match key process for better hit rates and comprehensive cross-referencing
  • User-Friendly Campaign and Query History Management
  • Integrated CRM and Multi-Level Contact Management

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