Decisionlinks uniquely offers credit database marketing as a service.

We deliver pre-screened in-market prospects generated from credit-targeted direct mail, Facebook ads, and email marketing for Lenders, Retailers, and Marketing companies.

Our assets include housing data enhanced consumer’s records for all U.S consumers including credit bureau scores, offer criteria, and attributes within our proprietary platform including automated counts, campaign management, lead nurturing, and analysis tools.


Book more loans, refinance, reduce “look-to-book”, increase qualified dealer, agent, broker accounts, lower  costs.   New Affiliated Channels and New Revenue opportunities by promoting with DecisionLinks network of advertising, retails, dealers, agents or brokers that have the distribution and marketing budget that the lenders want but need the data that the lender’s permissible purpose offers.


Our lender partners provide the necessary FCRA “permissible purpose” requirement supercharging campaigns with credit data.  This, otherwise unavailable, powerful data enables auto dealers, agents, and brokers to qualify and convert Credit prescreened lists, leads, customers and prospects like never before. Multiple sales channels can get immediate counts and marketing all-in-sync.  Personalized, targeted direct mail, emails, and digital facebook ads motivatd shoppers to become buyers at every stop on the customer journey.


Rather than just execute static campaigns, Marketing Agencies, OEMs and Enterprise companies can leverage Decisionlinks database marketing as a service to continously improve marketing performance.   Whether a marketer or agency just wants a better direct response list, credit score targeting on facebook or a full database marketing service, Decisionlinks has value-add solutions.  Better data, percision analytics, and campaign performance.

Decisionlinks:  Better data, precision analytics, and campaign performance.

A platform that credit prescreens all relationships with your customers.

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