Stop buying software. Buy a service. All your leads, emails, text and chat – assigned to Brand specialists.  Inventory, pricing, warranty, product – all answered by a experienced automotive professional.   Real Questions, Real Responses – 15 minutes or less.


Multi-channel, personalized marketing promoting leads, customers and prospects all in one place – all-in-sync. Personalized, target emails, digital ads and texts motivating shoppers to become buyers at every stop on the customer journey.


Data-Driven marketing, lead sourcing and scoring. Pricing and inventory are tailored, targeted, and personalized. Operational and business decisions are based on connected data, all in one place.


Decisionlinks Automotive

Decisionlinks delivers of a mix of business consulting with a market-proven platform and custom development. Leveraging data intelligence to drive decisions and actionable marketing. Decisionlinks delivers a superior customer experience at every stop in your customers journey.

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Credit, Facebook Ads and Inbound Lead Marketing push to your CRM

DecisionLinks’ is a processing agent of the major credit bureau’s,  This provides us a huge advantage.   Since we house national files of the credit files, we can leverage our systems to deliver better lists, analysis, greater flexibility, and overall campaign results.  We integrated credit with powerful Automotive vehicle ownership, demographic, homeowner, and transactional data.  Our robust platform, ScoredList ( provides complex counts in less than a minute and delivers FCRA compliant prescreen credit list pre-approved by our lender partners to qualified agencies and mail houses in minutes.  

However, what really makes Decisionlinks different is, with just a simple click, we can promote these highly targeted prospects to Facebook, Google, and other individually targeted digital media.  

Lastly, when our targeted Prospects click, call or visit your site. our TeaLeades Platform promotes them through a Personalized Customer Journey.  We guide them to the sale with payment and vehicle offer that matches their current payments, pay off, credit tier and trade-in value.  


We don’t just manage leads, we sell them on your product. Delivered in one integrated suite of services that are normally purchased from multiple companies. Quote, motivate, nurture and promote all inbound opportunities. No missed opportunities since each lead is reviewed and answered by a professional auto sales team.


Wd deliver a marketing hub for managing and creating creative strategies. Agencies can manage all their disparate dealerships, inventories, CRM & DMS systems from one platform. With just a few clicks, customers are segmented into relevant audiences and campaign responders are assigned to salespeople in the CRM. The result? Better, more efficient campaigns and lower operational costs.


OEMs are delivered a business intelligence hub. Brand Lead quality, Customer satisfaction unparalleled with an integrated consistent message over national and local content. Business advanced lead Management, scoring and customer segmentation delivers real time metrics and insights.

Out of 20 New Leads

Only 1 Will end up actually purchase

Decisionlinks can Help Fix that

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