Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers or cross-selling current ones is the hardest challenge most companies face.  In today’s world, it requires creativity and analytics.  A left and right brain.  The ability to create markets, not just go to market.  But it all starts with Data.  Good data.  Data that is behavior-based, up-to-date and available to most of the consumers in the U.S.  Consumer credit data fits that bill.  It is mostly used by lenders to assess risks.

However, it is a largely untapped data resources for Marketers across many industries.  Auto Dealers that just want to sell more cars, Mortgage or Insurance brokers that want to sell more deals, Online Retails that want to move more products just to name a few.  Untabbed because it is locked away in systems that have long turnaround times and do not automate counts and campaign management necessary for direct or online campaigns. Marketers also need FCRA compliant solutions.  Lenders need distribution.   This is where Decisionlinks comes into play.

We are a processing agent of credit data collected and managed by the Big Credit Bureaus and increasing new unbanked sources.  We also integrate national auto, homeowner, demographic and transactional lead data.  We have pre-build prospect database systems complete with marketing automation, count, and processing “out-of the box”.

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